Battis Khamba



It is situated on the extreme northern end, just attached to Nur Jehan’s riverine sarai.  

It is, in fact, from this stage that the Mughal city of Agra began on this side of the river. Founded by Buland Khan Khwajasara, a noble of Jehangir, it was originally a spacious garden, four towers of which at the four corners;

parts of brick masonry embankment on the river-side, with seven wells on its northern edge called Sat-Kuian, and its three storeyed tower, viz. the Battis-Khambhawhich served as a "Light-House", a "Watch Tower" and a "Manzil" (halting stage) – all in one, for the riverine traffic, have survived.

All other architectural features of this grand Mughal garden e.g. stone pathways, channels, tanks, cascades and fountains have been pillaged and it has now been reduced almost to the form of a village grove.