Customer Grievance Redressal Cell

With a view to provide a forum for the redressal of the grievances of the customers of the members of the Agra City REDCO, it was considered appropriate to form a “Customer Grievance Redressal Cell” with the hope and trust that the genuine grievances of the apartment/plot /house purchasers of our members would find an effective mechanism for redressal of their grievances and without approaching to any other forum. The decision to that effect was taken by the General House of Agra City REDCO in its meeting held on 7.9.2011.

Such “Customer Grievance Redressal Cell” would consist of a Chairman, assisted by two members. Our senior most member, Wing Commander, Shri V.K. Garg has been unanimously nominated as the Chairman and Dr. P.K. Jain and Shri Manish Bansal as the member of the Cell. In the event of any grievance against any of these three members of the Cell, such member shall be replaced by another member(s).

Any person (including any organization), who has purchased an apartment /house /flat from any of our members, having got some differences /grievances against our member, such person would be at liberty to petition before the Chairman of the Customer Grievance Redressal Cell, stating therein the following, inter alia,facts:

Item Details
1. Name of the applicant  
2. Address of the applicant  
  e- mail  
3. Details of the property purchased  
4. Date of purchase and copy of the deed  
5. Nature of grievance  
6. Documents in support of grievance  
7. Relief sought for  

The cell would endeavour to resolve the bona fide differences between our member and its purchaser. However, the proceedings before the cell would not partake the nature of arbitration proceedings but would be in the nature of mediation /amicable settlement of the differences. However, no action by the applicant against either the Chairman / any of the member of the cell or the proceedings conducted by them would lie in any Court of law.